One Australian Boulder

We didn’t get to climb all that much in Australia. I got ill, and while Al ventured out a few more times on his lonesome to burn off some energy, I only made it to the rocks twice. I climbed one boulder problem, and I’m so glad I took a moment half way up to give that boulder a hug before I climbed back down (yup, climbed the down-climb, crush). I had no idea things were only going to get worse…


But I’m glad that one of my ventures into the boulders was to watch Al on So You Think You Can Dance, and I’m glad I had my camera with me. The rock there was so beautiful, like nothing I’ve seen before!



Two days later we were dealing with the knowledge that the climbing trip we had saved and trained for over the last nine months was not going to happen, and that was quite hard. But once we got over it, we discovered the joy of a normal holiday, without the personal stresses of climbing or not climbing all those projects, without juggling sore skin or muscles or injuries or egos.


Yes, yes, yes. Climbing is great. But it’s reassuring to know there is a lot of life to be had without it.


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