Why I Walk Shoot Number 1

A lot of people I meet don’t like hillwalking, but they end up doing it a lot because of the sport they’re into, like climbing or skiing or mountain biking. No matter how fit I get, walking uphill never seems to get easier, and quite frankly often puts me in a bad mood. But it’s also one of those things that, afterwards, I realise I quite enjoyed. So when the BMC asked for a short film about hillwalking, I decided this would be the angle I’d take – folks might not love going uphill, but they love where going uphill takes them. Al, for example. You couldn’t drag him out hiking for anything but the promise of a climbable rock at the end of it, so slap an enormous boulder pad on his back and bingo, subject number 1.

Up a hill and loving it.
Up a hill and loving it.

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