Bish Bash Bosh – Fontainebleau

Al in Petit Paradis, near Gorge de Houx.
Al in Petit Paradis, near Gorge de Houx. Copyright Light Shed Pictures

Life has been moving fast, but here I am sitting in a sweet apartment in the Swiss Alps where we’ll be living for the next two weeks, so I can’t complain. We’re on the road for Epic TV, making video climbing guides to all kinds of areas, so although it’s taking a bit of adjusting, life is good.

Speaking of Epic TV, here’s our second Rocklands video, where Al projects the hardest rock of his life so far while the rest of us… well… fall off stuff.

At the moment we’re making our first European episode, but in a bid to have some kind of honeymoon, we left 10 days early so we could visit our old friend Fontainebleau.

Crux in Font!
Crux in Font!

We were living happily in the Isatis car park (above) until American Blaine arrived. Three in the van would be a bit weird and oddly enough, while you can park your camper van at Isatis, you can’t pitch a tent. So we moved on.

About as far as Blaine got on The Egg. Further than me...
About as far as Blaine got on The Egg. Further than me…

I was quietly confident that I’d crush Fontainebleau because I’m a lot stronger than I was when we last visited. But it turns out it’s still really hard there, and warm temps didn’t help. How do people hold those really slopey slopers and crimp those tiny razor crimps? I just don’t get it.

Al in Petit Bois.
Al in Petit Bois. Text book spotting Blaine!

We did have a good time though, exploring areas I’d never been to before and barely looking at a guidebook, partly to protect our egos, partly because they’re all so confusing. I’m sure I’ll crush next time I’m there…

Now we’re off to do something called sport climbing, bon chance!


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