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So I am no longer a student… WOW it has been pretty mad! The whole reason we are in Glasgow was so I could do my degree and it seems like along time ago that we moved here. Studying has always grated on me, I’ve always had a pretty good idea that it wasn’t for me but now I’m at the end of it all I’m really glad I went for it. It’s been hard but hey, not everyone likes 16th century English lit all the time…

Anyway, I’ve had some pretty heavy exams over the last few weeks, which means that climbing has taken a back seat recently. However I did manage to pop out and nip up a climb I had only tried with a head torch before in Glen Croe. By headtorch it felt pretty hard but in daylight I found all these new holds that made the whole thing easier. It’s by no means a king line but it felt good to pull hard in good conditions on really small holds, culminating in a cool jump. So between the bouts of literature induced insanity, Semi-Precious (V10) was born, a line just to right of the popular classic-of-the-crag, Precious.

© Jen Randall, Light Shed Pictures

The one thing that made me nervous about graduating was what to do next… I haven’t really lined much up beyond a very liberal arts degree, the only thing that I have invested in beyond my ability to accurately throw stones and some pretty basic woodworking skills is climbing. So the answers seems pretty clear I guess – I’m gonna build some landings, scrub some moss, do some pull-ups and see how it goes for a bit. I cant wait really, it’s gonna be good swapping my 17th century divorce manuscripts for hours in the woods!

Yesterday, the most spring-like day we’ve had so far this year, Jen and I went to Craigmore for the first time. We’d been recommended this place by a friend and were wholly sceptical, but it was actually really pleasant –  there were some really fun problems, it’s close to Glasgow and a lovely spot to hang around in.

magic wood?
high baller!



On another note,  I also managed to get out and explore some woods that I had wanted to get  to for a while, and I wasn’t disappointed. I found a large sandstone cliff band that runs for about a kilometre and a lot of boulders dotted around. And it’s closer than Dumbarton for an evening’s climb! I even walked in in trainers and didn’t get trench foot… but who knows, there are a lot of variables that have to come together for this mecca to be worth cleaning, so watch this space. Below is the only boulder I checked out close up  (sorry for the bad phone image) and it’s really cool, the rock is in good shape with these mad iron deposits through it, it’s sort of like World Line at Queens but higher and longer..  unclimbed sandstone less than 30 mins from town.. bring on the summer. Hold the midgies.


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