The Process


I have always found climbing in the UK hard, I just don’t always get the fire in me that makes climbing at my limit possible.  Toward the end of last summer I started to realise that the answer to  this problem is found in new climbs. So here is a scenario, on average I seem to find something worth climbing every 4 ‘hunting’ trips I have in the glens, it then usually takes 2 trips to clean and prepare the boulder for climbing and an undefined number of trips to climb something. Me and Cody have a project from last year that is very seasonal and takes a long time to dry out. We haven’t managed to climb it, but I reckon we went up to work it about 7 times with no success. That’s 13 days out  so far invested in climbing this project! But this is what motivates me, I need to be emotionaly invested to climb something, turning up to well established classics  just doesn’t turn me on at the moment.  As far as I am concerned someone else has already had all the fun! I want to get muddy, pull off loose blocks and fall off poorly cleaned holds. It’s the whole process that gets me motivated!  Below are some images of the new boulders I’ve had the chance to get involved with this year. When I have a bit more time I will put together some directions to these places, but for now just prepare for some long hikes!!


Image: Cody Cox
yea! a picture of a rock with a man striking a pose under it….. this will be one of those images that out of context will look verry odd!
crux has had enough of the cold


image: Cody Cox

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