Snow Days.


So far this year I've been climbing outside 6 times. This, you would think, would lead to some sort of success, but that's where you're 
 wrong. Climbing for me and in Scotland is an odd thing, for every success there are hundreds of bad days, but if you always
 prepare for the worst it can only be better! This January has been really good if not a little cold/wet/snowy/chossy.  But hey,
 might as well get excited about something! So when the weather is cold I just can't help myself.  
Here are a few images of some of those days when the odds worked out!
My sidekick in choss-hunting Cody is sitting under a DRY boulder. It's about zero degrees and the whole ground is coverd in about 4 
inches of snow, but the face overhangs just enough to shelter the base. This is one of the best climbing days I've had in ages,
 it was worth it! Bring on the weekend!


                                                      Magic Woods 09, where it all began.


One thought on “Snow Days.

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